Bit Chair

Bit Chair


The Nardi Bit chair is a charming and delightful new addition to the Nardi range as a side chair option to the Net and Net Relax family. It is made from fibre-glass resin monocoque punched with a pattern of square and rounded slots to form a “net” like seat and back rest. Over the three-dimensional surface the perfect decorative mesh of the body appears slightly matt, slightly rounded and is very pleasant to touch.

It is a stackable mono bloc chair made from resin in a matt finish.

Made in Italy from a high quality polypropylene resin that is UV resistant and characterised by a strong resistance to atmospheric pollutants; non toxic and antistatic.

The recyclable resin trademark guarantees that each product is made with 100% recyclable resin and can be crushed and completely recycled without producing waste or damaging the environment.

Measurements and Specifications
Dimensions: W52cm / D55cm / H 84cm / Seat Height 47cm

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