Introducing the HydraMark XL Glass Bottle, the ultimate hydration companion designed to help you reach your daily water intake goals. Article No.: GP-4005A.

This generously sized 1000ml glass bottle is a game-changer for those who take their hydration seriously. With convenient time markers etched onto the glass surface, you’ll effortlessly track and manage your daily water consumption.

Crafted from high-quality and shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, the HydraMark XL bottle offers crystal-clear transparency, ensuring your beverage remains fresh and pure. The wide-mouth design accommodates ice cubes and makes cleaning a breeze, making it suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Say goodbye to leaks and spills thanks to the secure, leak-proof lid, allowing you to take your HydraMark XL Glass Bottle with you on any adventure. Whether you’re heading to the gym, the office, or an outdoor excursion, you can trust this bottle to keep you refreshed.

Not only is the HydraMark XL Glass Bottle a sustainable choice that reduces single-use plastic waste, but it also boasts a sleek and modern design that complements your active lifestyle. Make a statement with your commitment to hydration and choose the HydraMark XL as your eco-conscious, health-conscious companion.

Elevate your hydration game with the HydraMark XL Glass Bottle, the epitome of style, functionality, and environmental responsibility. Bid farewell to disposable plastic bottles and embrace a more sustainable, stylish, and health-oriented approach to quenching your thirst.


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