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Brand Name: GARDEN
Product Name: YG-U854
Product Description: SIZE: Umbrella 140*15*15 – Base 45*45*7 Middle Aluminium Umbrella with Crank (Aluminium Frame +
Polyster Fabric + Marble Base)


Brand Name: GARDEN
Product Name: YG-U2133
Product Description: Side Pole Umbrella (Aluminium Umbrella with Crank Aluminium Polyster + 60kg Marble Base


Brand Name: GARDEN
Product Name: YG-S872E
Product Description: Rocking chair set for 4 people. Take in the fresh air, sip some lemonade, and kick back on this swing.
Its strong aluminium frame is wrapped in hand-woven, all-weather resin wicker, and finished with a looped trim for front
porch appeal. Its resin is flexible and fade-resistant, as well as water-resistant and rust-resistant with comfortable seat pads
and colorful pillows, giving you the confidence to enjoy with the family in the outdoor space.